Carl Weathers, Like Most ‘Mandalorian’ Viewers, Straight-Up Cannot Get Enough Baby Yoda

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When Carl Weathers got ready to direct an episode of The Mandalorian for the first time, he had one simple request: More Baby Yoda. And it appears that Weathers got what he wanted because his directorial debut, “The Siege,” was loaded with fan-favorite Baby Yoda moments like the little guy Force-stealing cookies and then puking up said cookies after enjoying a roller coaster-esque spaceship battle. In a new interview, Weathers explains how he’s all about that baby just like everyone who’s fallen for the tiny Jedi in the year since The Mandalorian debuted. Via Empire:

“I know what the show is about – it’s called The Mandalorian, so that sort of takes care of that,” Weathers laughs. “But his sidekick, his ward, his little being that accompanies him on his journey, has this sweetness, this obviously childlike quality that we all love in little ones, before they can say ‘no!’ and throw things and have tantrums. When I read the script, one of my comments was to ask John [Favreau] to put more of the Baby in there.”

While the episode was definitely one of the high points for season two thanks to the aforementioned Baby Yoda moments and the show pulling back the curtain on Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito)’s plans for The Child, Chapter 12 did contain one of The Mandalorian‘s most notable bloopers: Jeans Guy. In one of the action sequences on the Imperial base, a random crew member in jeans and a T-shirt is clearly visible where he’s standing (unsuccessfully) off-camera. However, fans are already having a blast with the innocent blunder, and one Twitter user has already given Jeans Guy one of the highest Star Wars honor. Being turned into an action figure.

I really enjoyed this week's #TheMandalorian episode.#starwars #StarWarsfanart

🦃 Bryan Ward 🍁 (@bryaneward) November 21, 2020

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Source: Carl Weathers, Like Most ‘Mandalorian’ Viewers, Straight-Up Cannot Get Enough Baby Yoda

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