Rest in Paradise, Ed Murray (2 Photos)

Some very sad news to share with you today, Chivers.

Ed Murray, the eldest of the Murray Brothers, has passed away. Ed was an absolute legend with a huge heart. He did the little things that matter – like going out of his way to remember everybody’s names. I always liked that about him. For many of you who have gotten to know Ed over the years at the Murray Bros. Tournament, you know this well. Every year when you arrived Ed was there to greet you, and he remembered your name.

Ed was the first to begin caddying at Indian Hills and introuduced the Murray family to the game of golf. Ed was the inspiration behind the Danny Noonan character in “Caddyshack”.

I remember the first time I walked into the conference room at theCHIVE and saw this. Ed (far left) said, “We don’t take too many meetings, we assumed legs kicked up in uniformity was the proper decorum?”

Source: Rest in Paradise, Ed Murray (2 Photos)

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Written by John

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