15 Funny Baby Yoda Tweets You'll Laugh At Even If You Don't Watch "The Mandalorian"

Even if you haven’t watched The Mandalorian — or ANY Star Wars movies/shows for that matter — you’ve probably seen all the Baby Yoda memes. And, quite frankly, some are so funny they require zero knowledge of Star Wars. Here’s some of the best…enjoy!

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I went to Costco for toilet paper and somehow ended up with a Baby Yoda.

Also there was no toilet paper.

09:18 PM – 20 Nov 2020


I ordered a baby yoda doll for a Christmas gift a couple months ago… was supposed to be a huge action figure type toy… this is what I got today… 😂😂😂

06:41 AM – 04 Feb 2020


Managed to get the last baby Yoda doll at Walmart. My baby girl is going to LOVE me on Christmas morning!

07:51 PM – 30 Nov 2019

Source: 15 Funny Baby Yoda Tweets You’ll Laugh At Even If You Don’t Watch "The Mandalorian"

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